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Turn Back The Hands of Time With Shabby Chic Décor

shabby chic home decor

These days, home décor seems to be more focused on cozy and comfy shabby chic decorating, which is a huge departure from the modern contemporary styles that we’re familiar with. People are probably becoming more nostalgic.

There were no complementary or matching chairs, tables and sofa sets back in the days. Back then rooms were decorated in unique, mismatched pieces that were both warm and cozy, which is something a lot of people associate with their past.

I’m sure you can remember those finely-crocheted dollies and old laces on tables or those worn, soft rugs across the floor. Most of these unique pieces can still be found at garage sales and flea markets.

A huge part of the shabby chic décor appeal comes from being able to turn back the hands of time to go back to a place we miss. It is gradually becoming popular and a lot of top end stores and designers are beginning to incorporate it into their business.

You really don’t have to shop in those upscale stores before you’re able to nail the shabby chic style. For most people, the appeal comes from the restoration and search for those traditional furniture pieces. People search through flea markets and garage sales to find the perfect pieces just to restore it to give them the effect they want.

The ability to restore a furniture piece to achieve that perfect shabby chic style is actually an acquired skill. Knowing just how deep you need to sand and the right part to sand before painting could make all the difference for your finished product.

And pale, faded or soft colors are the best palettes to consider when choosing your color scheme. You can add some charming flair to the overall décor with patterns like stripes, florals and checks.

You can achieve a lot of amazing results when you unleash your creative side, especially if the pieces are intended to serve as furniture. For instance, you can actually use old boxes made from wood to create tables. Then display the other treasures from your shabby chic décor collection to complete it. You can also accent these tables with flower arrangements, candles and photos.

Have you ever considered recycling old gates or doors, by using wrought or wooden iron to create a bed headboard? And even if you don’t want the gate or door displayed in its natural state, you could use beautiful shabby chic décor fabrics florals to cover it.

These fabrics are also great for refurbishing your current sofa and giving it a new look. Decorators sometimes use slip covers for shabby chic decoration to transform existing furniture pieces into works of art. Those traditional paintings in antique or old frames and family pictures can be used as finishing touches.

Wherever you decide to shop, whether you’re combing through items at garage sales or flea markets, or you decide to check out those specialty furniture shops, you’ll definitely find the pieces you need to compliment your shabby chic décor.

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