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Simple Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas You Can Use Today!

shabby chic kitchen decor

Are you ready to give your kitchen that shabby chic look? Here are some fun and easy shabby chic ideas that I’ve been able to incorporate into my kitchen décor.

The first step is to take inventory of your keepsakes and some of the knick knacks that are dear to you that you feel could be incorporated into your shabby chic kitchen décor. I used keepsakes like, vintage measuring spoons, a ceramic rose-design dish that comes with a serving spoon and lid, old tin cutters, my old recipe box made from wood, an antique compact, my vintage tea set, a miniature iron and some photos in antique frames for my own shabby chic kitchen.

Pick a prime position to display your items. I chose a tall, corner shelf to display my keepsake items. I draped one small lace doily on each shelf. The best thing about the positioning of my collections is the fact that there were tucked away from traffic flow in a corner, yet it was still very attractive. This is a great way to display your keepsakes instead of just packing them away.

Shabby chic decors like vintage bowls, vases and trays can be displayed nicely on countertops and brought to life when you actually use them. Your guests will definitely enjoy their beauty while appreciating their unique past. I usually bring out my family heirloom trays and serving bowls for family holiday dinners. There’s no better way to remember the good ol days!

Kitchen curtains will actually give you that nice shabby chic look coupled with a special twist. You can use one of those valance scarfs made from nice shabby chic cotton in place of those traditional café curtains. You don’t have to drape the scarf over any rod, instead you can use one of those scroll-type hooks, then drape the scarf over its hooks and thread it through the hooks starting from the back, to give every window corner that “puffy circular” look. The edges of the scarf will hang half-way across the window making it more pronounced.

You can use one of those wrought iron chandeliers that comes with distressed finish as part of your shabby chic décor for your kitchen dining table. It adds some flair to your shabby chic kitchen décor without necessarily appearing too formal.

Note that, you can actually use shabby chic décor for any of the rooms in your home. All you need is a little creativity to give your home that special shabby chic look.

Image: flickr – countrykitty

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