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Perfect Your Shabby Chic Kitchen with Some Gorgeous Vintage Shelves

shabby chic kitchen furniture

Despite not being the conventional new look, it is safe to say, shabby chic kitchens have become one of the most popular kitchen styles out there, especially in period or country properties. If you want to perfect this kitchen style, you need to consider the floors and walls, the furniture, as well as the shabby chic shelve pieces.

Most people paint their walls off-white or white to maximise light. You can also try painting with white stripes and wide pastel. If you prefer to go with wallpapers, you can try those muted floral patterns. The floor boards should come in painted white or plain wood, or you could go with rustic tiles. If you cannot afford to replace your flooring, add plenty of rugs or kitchen mats in green, blue, pink, or floral patterns.

You also need to make the right choice when picking your shelves. If you’re creative enough, you could design your own shelf. Start by looking for old shelves with designs that you love, mix water and white emulsion, add half and half for light coverage and one third water to two thirds of the paint to give it a heavier coverage. Then paint the shelves, leaving it to dry for a day. Next, you sand down areas with sandpaper to give it that shabby chic look.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you could actually make your own shelves from scratch. We’ve seen some nice shabby chic shelves made with old pottery boards and cotton reels. All you have to do is glue some old cotton reels together to construct the supports, then paint and sand to give it a nice distressed look and the old pottery boards can serve as shelves.

Creating your own furniture and shelves might seem quite daunting, but the good news is that, you can now find items to help you capture that distressed worn look in the market.

To achieve that timeless elegance, you’ll need to use pieces of furnishing with that worn and distressed look. Pay special attention to the hardware that comes with the furniture, try to get vintage or glass ceramic knobs as they can give it a more authentic look. Choose pieces with warm, inviting feels to them, pieces that can capture the style and charm of eras past.

Once you get the bigger furniture pieces, the next step is to choose a shabby chic shelve. You don’t need to match your shelves to your furniture, just ensure that their colors are compatible (mostly creams, white or other pastels). Make sure you choose items that will capture the style. Don’t just choose items with any texture or color. Use old recipe books, old alarm clocks, candle votives, sepia framed photos, white china, imperial kitchen scales, Victorian chamber pots, and plenty of fresh flowers.

Create the perfect look by arranging different items on the shabby chic shelf, while making sure the arrangement looks effortless. The look should be understated, not every item must be floral or appear miss-matched or distressed. Your personality should also be reflected in your kitchen décor, giving it a uniquely you appearance.

Image: flickr – countrykitty

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