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Origami for Everyone – From Beginner to Advanced


Have you tried the Japanese art of paper folding – Origami? If not you may find it very rewarding! Origami dates back to the 17th century and can be quite meditative whilst also kicking your creative juices into gear.

Origami tends to be enjoyed by adults and kids alike, but can vary in difficulty. Luckily we have you covered! We’ve rounded up some of the best origami tutorials for all ages – so get the family together and get folding!

Origami for Kids

Easy Origami Mouse

easy origami mouse

This one can be made in just 6 steps! Glue or draw some eyes on and you have a cute little mouse! Find the tutorial at origami-make.org.

Origami Drinking Cup

origami cup easy

Just 7 simple steps for this design. Try using grease proof paper and you’ll have a little cup that can even be drunk out of! Instructions can be found at origami-fun.com.

Origami Puppy Dog

easy origami dog kids

Once again just draw or glue on some eyes and you have this cute little origami animal. Wood woof! See how easy it is to make at Origami With Rachel Katz.

Origami Love Heart

Perfect for a little princess or prince and easy to make. Check out the video above thanks to Craft Haven.

Origami Fish

Watch this video tutorial and in less than 5 minutes of folding you’ll have a wonderful little origami fish. Found at Red Ted Art.


Origami for Beginners

Origami Magazine Box

origami magazine box

So named because it can be made from a magazine page but any rectangular piece of paper will do the trick. You can also make a lid for it. Learn how to make it now at make-origami.com.

Origami Business Card Holder

origami business card holder

Super hand and easy to make. See how at How About Orange.

Origami Jumping Frog

origami jumping frog

That’s right it actually hops! See how to make it at It’s Always Autumn.

Printable Origami Bookmarks

origami bookmarks

OK you will need a printer for this design, but they are just so cool I had to include them in this list! Get the full tutorial and printing templates here.

Traditional Origami Fan

easy origami fan

Super cool and will cool you off! Find the tutorial at thesprucecrafts.com.


Intermediate Origami

Origami Crane

traditional origami crane

No origami list is complete without the most famous origami design. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make these just jump over to Origami Make for a full tutorial.

origami standing crane

Or for a more challenging version check out their standing crane origami tutorial.

Origami Bowl

origami bowl

Alright we’re starting to get a bit more difficult now, but these are some seriously cool folds! Why not give this Beautiful bowl a try. Learn how to fold it right here.

Origami Star Box

origami star box

Watch the video above. You may need a little glue or tape to hold this one together but it makes a great little decoration. Found at Origaminut.

Origami Whales

origami whales

Why not make a small version of one of the largest animals on earth. Get full instructions from aaronkrerowicz.com.

Origami Advent Calendar

origami advent calendar

Got time for a craft project these holidays? Then why not give this amazing piece a try? Check out how to make it at Paper Kawaii.


Complex Origami

Here we go… only the truly committed best attempt the following. Some of these designs are modular, meaning you will need to fold multiple pieces of paper which will then be combined to achieve the final design.

Origami Dragons

We’ll start with this one which may be the easiest of the dragons and some may even consider it intermediate difficulty.

origami dragon 1

Click here for the video tutorial or for the diagram instructions check out Gilad Origami.

For a more complex dragon of the non-winged type check out the below design:

eastern dragon origami

Full diagram instructions on how to fold this can be found at origami-art.us.

Origami Car – VW Beetle/Bug

origami car VW

Get the detailed instructions with diagrams at Origami Nut.

Origami Acorns

Origami acorn

Here is an awesome design by the very talented Beth Johnson. You can watch the full tutorial here and a more advanced version of the acorn top is available here.

Origami Bat

Origami Bat

Quite difficult but also quite impressive if you can pull it off. Full folding instructions at Origami Art.

3D Origami Star


Made up of five intersecting tetrahedra, this amazing piece will require 10 squares of paper and at least an hour of your time. Check out the video tutorial below.

Origami Star Wars Wing Fighter

origami star wars

What could be more geeky than combining star wars and origami? Once again they have full instructions and diagrams at origami-art.us.

Origami Yoda

There is no ‘try’ only do or do not. Give this tricky tutorial from Jo Nakashima a try.

We hope you enjoyed these origami tutorials! Maybe you have just found yourself a new time-passing hobby.

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