Welcome to the Data Exchange! If you are reading this you are probably wondering what exactly the data exchange is, so here is a brief explanation. The data exchange is a place to buy and sell data. You can upload document to sell, and also purchase other peoples documents. For example, if you are a good note taker, you can sell your notes, and if you are a bad note taker like me, you can buy them from someone else for a small fee. These transactions are done with DataCoin, which you will eventually be able to exchange for USD once the beta phase is over.

What if the document I bought is bad or fake?
No need to worry! When you click purchase on a document you are not yet buying it, merley agreeing to a contract which both sides need to fulfill. So if the seller did not give you what you asked for, you have a 24 hour period to report the document as faulty, and the DataCoins will immediately be sent back to your account.