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How to Make Your Shabby Chic Living Room Truly Unique

shabby chic living room

Shabby chic has a way of bringing together the most unlikely decors and making it work. You can combine a sturdy bookshelf with a frilly beaded lamp in the same space, and it will somehow give you the perfect balance of style and cozy. It may sound a little complicated but it’s actually not. If you’re interested in this style, then you might want to start with your family room. The family room is the most diverse room in a home as it can serve as family space, greeting space, and even dinner space all at once. Bringing all these elements together is actually not that hard, you just need to do what you like and go with the flow!

Shabby chic does not necessarily mean making the room overly girly. Don’t be afraid to paint your walls pink and doll your couch in ribbon if that’s what you want. There’s no harm in including an antique lamp and a nice green entertainment center that has its paint chipped off to your frilly ruffles. You can also add some pastel colors to your space as they’re quite relaxing which is actually a great option for a multi-purpose space. Start by using happy and calming colors to paint your walls.

First rule of furniture shopping: There is no rule that says your furniture must be brand new; also garage sales and thrift stores exist for a purpose. In fact, those worn pieces will make the room cozier. You can find shabby chic pieces at your local thrift store as they’ve likely being handed down from a family so you’ll be getting that special worn in appeal. Don’t forget to inspect the piece to be sure it is actually in good shape before you buy it. Wanting a worn piece does not mean you need to bring every broken piece of furniture into your home. However, if you’re creative enough, you can actually display those pieces that are considered garbage in your living room, after a little painting and fixing. You can get a new frame, paint an abandoned mirror and display it proudly above a sofa purchased from your local thrift store. Another advantage of shabby chic is the fact that it is actually eco-friendly. This is because this style involves the use of furniture that would ordinarily have been tossed into the local dump.

The second rule for furnishing your shabby chic family room: Don’t do anything to your space that will not make you happy. As I stated previously, shabby chic is whatever you want it to be. Chose the pieces you like for your space and then go with the flow. The great thing about shabby chic is that the pieces are actually worn yet cozy, making it all look effortlessly chic.

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