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How to Make Your Rental Feel more Like a Home

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When you rent a house, it can take some time before it starts to really feel like it’s yours. There are however, a few ways in which you can speed up this process.
Rental houses often lack any particular sense of style or personality. A home is a place you feel happy to return to at the end of a long day, a personal retreat; a big part of what elevates a house to a home is the aesthetic, and there’s plenty you can do with a rental to make it feel more you.

The first thing you should do, before making any modifications, is talk to your landlord; different landlords have different rules, and there’s nothing that spoils a renovation more than having to undo it. Also, the last thing you want is to sour your relationship with your landlord. Oftentimes there will be aspects of the house they would prefer you left alone, or even switched back before you move out. It’s always better to check for these possibilities first; even if the landlord seems like the friendliest person in the world, it never hurts to be polite.

wall decor

Dress Your Walls:
Most landlords will already have the walls painted, but there are more ways than one to add some colour to your new home. If you haven’t tried removable wallpaper, it gives the exact same effect as a fresh coat of paint without the hassle of clearing it with your landlord. And if you’re not a fan of that option there’s always posters, paintings and tapestries; many landlords take issue with thumbtacks and tape, but Velcro-style hanging strips are a completely safe way to decorate your walls without the worry of ruining them.

light fixture

Let’s Talk Lights:
Everyone underestimates the power of lighting. Whether you’re going for a soft, mellow vibe or a bright, energetic one to boost your productivity, lighting will have an important role. There are few things as fun as making a place your own, and changing the lights to suit your preferences is an essential part of that process. You can choose the strength, the colour, the aesthetic; just remember to switch off the power before you go changing any bulbs! Safety first.

cupboard handles

Change Out Your Handles:
It may seem strange, but bathroom and kitchen cabinets are infamous among rental properties. It can be a pain having to get something from under the kitchen sink and facing the reality of an outdated, uncomfortable handle. If you make sure to keep the old handles, and that the same amount of screws are required to fit them, then you shouldn’t have any problems swapping them out for a newer, trendier option. Just don’t forget to replace them with the originals before you leave!

window curtains

Choose Your Curtains:
Tattered blinds? Old curtains? Not for you. No matter how nice the inside of your house is, nobody can resist the views outside. The last thing you want when you’re gazing out your window is to be interrupted by blinds and curtains that make you want to cringe. Of course, though I’m sure your windows will be a fantastic improvement, remember to keep the old ones to avoid any disputes with your landlord. People don’t always appreciate the wonder of home-improvement, but it’s important to respect their wishes nonetheless. (Take the newer curtains with you when you leave. You win in the end.)

With just a little bit of creative thought and DIY, you can have your new rental feeling like home within weeks of moving in!

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