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Give your Room that Elegant Vintage Look With Shabby Chic Bedding!

shabby chic bedding

If you’re looking to give your bedroom some style and comfort and a touch of softness, there is no better option than shabby chic bedding. Shabby chic is best described as a simplistic and stylish décor method, using linens, window treatments and bedding that has what can only be described as “time worn elegance”. The shabby look often comes in pinks, greens, muted blues and every shade of white. Its small florals, stripes and checks are some of the factors that make this bedding very appealing. These are some of the factors that have made the Shabby Chic look so renowned over the years.

Some people assume that the Shabby Chic lines are too delicate to be used for children’s rooms, but they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the Shabby Chic bedding line was specifically designed with your busy schedule and children in mind. Designer and Shabby Chic icon Rachel Ashwell was determined to make her creations dog and kid friendly, which is why most shabby bedding can be thrown in the wash without serious preamble.

You can actually buy shabby chic fabrics for your bedroom if you decide to decorate your entire room with the shabby chic theme. Use shabby chic fabrics to personalize your table runners, chair covers, curtains, lampshades and decorative pillows. Shabby chic furniture also adds some class to your room, even as it compliments your ageless bedding.

Shabby chic has the perfect combination of new and old that gives your bedroom that inviting atmosphere associated with the popular cottage look from back in the days. The shabby look with its perfect imperfections has enough comfort and character to give your room the perfect combination of vintage and chic. Shabby chic designer bedding has become quite popular of recent, so you need to keep an open mind when searching for those pieces.

You need to take note of certain things when hunting for your shabby chic items. Ask yourself questions like whether the piece has a comfortable, soft character, or if it will fit in with a romantic cottage or French Country décor? Find out if the colors actually aged to perfection, you wouldn’t want to decorate your home with worn out items.

The shabby chic designer bedding will help you achieve that faded, airy, comfy sophisticated look while maintaining its vintage. Your bedroom will be so inviting that you’ll want to stay there forever!

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