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A Dozen Ways to Say I Love You with these Handmade Mother’s Day Cards


What better way to tell someone you love them than with a handmade DIY card? They’ll be getting a keepsake that will be completely unique and the children can have fun making the cards as they’ll be getting some valuable craft time. With Mother’s Day almost here we have scoured the web to find the easiest yet loveliest handmade cards to make for Mom or Grandma this year.

1. Colorful Paint Mothers Day Card

If you want to highlight Mom’s special day with color then this is the card to do it! Find the tutorial here.

2. Flower Vase Doily Card

Not only are doily’s super affordable, but Mom or Grandma will fall in love with this ultra cute handmade Mother’s Day card. Find the tutorial here.

3. Handmade Fingerprint Mom Card

These fingerprint cards are a quick and easy gift for the kids to make this Mother’s Day. Find the tutorial here.

4. You are My Sunshine Card

Simple to make so great for toddlers, give Mom a bright start to her Mother’s day. Find the tutorial here.

5. Blow a kiss kids craft Mother’s Day card

Originally thought up as a Valentine’s card, this handmade card of love is also great for Mother’s Day. Find the tutorial here.

6. Monoprint Love Heart Cards

You can try out a few different colors with these lovely monoprint heart cards. Make one for Mom and one for Grandma! Find the tutorial here.

7. Sign Language I Love You Card

Such a beautiful way to say ‘I love you’ and simple for children to make. Find the tutorial here.

8. Easy to Make Flower Card

Toddlers or older children can make this special floral Mother’s Day card. Find the tutorial here.

9. Five Things I Love Mother’s Day Card

Creative, crafty and a personalized way of telling Mom why she’s so important. Find the tutorial here.

10. Pop Up Mother’s Day Card

How nice it would be to make Mom a custom handmade pop-up card, follow this easy tutorial to see how. Find the tutorial here.

11. Yummy Sundae DIY MOTHER’S DAY Card

All you need is this free printable and some everyday items to give Mom the yummiest card she’s ever received! Find the tutorial here.

12. Paper Craft Raining Hearts Card

This one is just so simple for children to make and it will shower Mom or Grandma with love! Find the tutorial here.

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