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8 Space Saving Ideas for a Small Apartment

small apartment

As your life changes and you change with it, you will naturally collect more things. Many of you will marry or move in with somebody, have kids and pets; every addition requires more space, and it’s perfectly natural to feel like everything’s getting a little too cramped.
The ideal thing to do when you outgrow your living-space is to move out and find something bigger; however, this is not always a possibility. Whatever the reason, sometimes you’re just not in a position to move. This is not the end of the world.

Here are 8 Space-Saving tips to try while you wait for the right time to move.

1. Get Rid of Stuff
The most obvious way to save space in a cramped apartment is to declutter. Most people collect a vast amount of things in the time they spend in their homes, and more often than not a lot of that stuff becomes unnecessary. Take the time to go through it all, and the chances are you’ll have piles of things to donate to charity or throw away. In all that searching you’re also guaranteed to find some things you’ve forgotten about, and everyone loves a blast from the past once in a while.

2. Use Space-Saving Furniture
It’s amazing how many new and creative pieces of furniture that are out there, and many of these pieces are built with space-saving as their main purpose.
When you think about it, you only really use a portion of your table; there’s no reason an over-the-arm table or narrow sofa table can’t replace your hulking coffee table. You can also buy desks that operate on hinges and are drilled into the wall; when not in use, they simply lay flat against it, so it’s like they’re not even there. Even your bed-frame can be put to use; many bed-frames can accommodate built-in drawers where you can store shoes, clothes and anything else that you just can’t find a place for.

3. Get the Most Out of Your Cupboard Space
Most of the time when we fill up a cupboard we think it’s at its capacity, but most of the time we’re wrong. There’s usually plenty of space on the side walls that’s perfect for installing small shelves. These can be used as spice racks, medicine-holders (as long as it’s kept safely away from children), anything you want. And it doesn’t have to be a shelf; there’s no reason why you can’t attach hooks or small baskets to the interior doors of cupboards, ideal for storing things that would otherwise be taking up space and making your life more difficult.

4. Organize With Tension Rods
You’d be surprised at how useful tension rods can actually be. These gadgets can be installed anywhere in your house, be it the kitchen to hang herbs, the bathtub to organize toys or the cabinet to organize your bathroom accessories. They’re strong, easy on the eyes and a space-saver’s dream.

5. Vertical Storage
People often use their walls solely for decoration, and while posters and paintings liven up the place, you shouldn’t ignore how well wall space works for storage. Shelves and baskets can be hung anywhere on the walls to store your belongings. There are also all kinds of bookshelves and vertical storage units that can be purchased to free up space, many of which are very stylish.

6. Shoe Organizers
Surprisingly few people know about them, but you can purchase shoe organizers from most dollar stores. These handy gadgets aren’t exclusive to shoes; you can hang them in the bathroom for towels or toiletries, even in the linen closet to store first-aid kit equipment.
It’s important to think outside the box; many household items can be used in a variety of ways to make your apartment more comfortable.

7. Maximize Closets With Space-Saving Hangers
Never heard of these? They’ll blow your mind. These special hangers have five or more holes that you can use to attach more hangers; they take up so much less space than the traditional side-by-side hangers, and ensure that you’ll never have an excuse to leave clothes lying on your bedroom floor again.

8. Start Hanging Your Kitchen Stuff
Hooks and hanging racks in the kitchen can really clean up the counter and the presses. Often you’ll have various utensils just laying about taking up space, when it makes more sense and looks better to hang them from the wall. Not only does this save space, but it provides easier access to pots and pans, measuring cups, spices – anything you’d ever need. There’s nothing more stressful when cooking a meal than being surrounded by all that clutter, and cooking should be a fun experience.

kitchen storage

Having lots of things doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of space. With the tips above, and a bit of outside-the-box thinking, you can make your tiny apartment seem a lot bigger. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable when applying some simple space-saving tactics makes everything so much easier; try out some of the ideas, and live your life to the fullest. The emptiest? To the max.

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