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6 Inspiring Wall Decoration Ideas that Won’t Break the Budget

wall decorations

If you’ve just moved into a new home or apartment, more likely than not, you’re face-to-face with bare, boring, uninspiring walls. But that’s not entirely bad news! Consider it a canvas where you can shower your bare walls with creative decorations that scream “me!”

In this post, we’re going to talk about a couple of fascinating decoration ideas that will make any living space pop. And best of all, these ideas won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Hanging Mirrors

hanging mirros

Hanging mirrors are a great way to cover blank walls with a bit of flair. They reflect sunlight so you won’t need to spend a fortune on lighting, and their reflective surfaces can also make a room appear larger than it really is.

There are many ways you can do this. If you plan on installing a single large mirror, consider leaning it up against the wall opposite a window. Elongated mirrors with ornate frames are relatively inexpensive and won’t require mounts or heavy-duty anchors.

Try imagining what your room would look like with several differently sized mirrors with colorful frames scattered about. Or maybe you’d prefer mirrors with their original wooden frames. It’s up to you—be creative in your decision!

Gallery-Style Photos

wall decor

If you have millions of photos on your smartphone or social media page, here’s a simple way to be creative: printing them out, framing them, and covering large, empty walls with said photos gallery-style.

This is a cost-effective way to incorporate your personality and uniqueness into your home. You don’t need to follow a particular theme—mix vacation snapshots with family gatherings and pet portraits. The images can be any size you like, but having a few canvas prints will definitely wow your guests.

Not every picture has to be of you or even taken by you. If you’d like, browse around and see what local artists have for sale; you might find something you like that will really tie a room together.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Just let your creative juices flow while imagining what the end result will be.

Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestry serve several purposes. Not only can they add much-needed style to a blank wall with little effort, but they also have sound-absorbing properties that reduce echoes and keeps loud noises in or out (to an extent).

You might recall wall tapestries from back in your college dorm days. Though definitely an option, those aren’t the only types of wall tapestry available to you. For something more mature, consider picking up a Starry Night tapestry by Van Gogh, or an image of a place you hold dear, or even just a wickedly colorful mandala.

One advantage of wall tapestries is that there are several ways of hanging them. Velcro strips or thumbtacks will create a minimalistic look, a curtain rod will give off a more “established” appearance, or even draped over, say, an indoor tree branch is a creative way to add a bit of nature to your design. And adding a spotlight will make the tapestry pop out even more!

Floating Shelves

floating shelf

If you travel often and want to display souvenirs and knickknacks from abroad, or maybe you have a beloved book that deserves a special place on your walls, then consider installing a floating shelf system. Floating shelves can be made of inexpensive reclaimed wood for a rustic appearance or something more contemporary purchased from your local hardware store.

The best thing about floating shelves is that you decide how long they are and how high they’re installed. There are even fancy, budget-friendly corner shelf options. Just make sure they’re fastened correctly and aren’t overloaded with objects—the last thing you need is having the shelves failing and dropping precious artifacts or heirlooms.

Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper isn’t just tacky floral motifs your grandparents plaster on their bathroom walls. Check online and you’ll see a wide selection of beautiful wallpaper designs just waiting to add character to your blank walls.

In addition, you don’t need to cover all four walls with one single wallpaper motif. In fact, covering a single wall that accents the color of adjacent walls is a style that many people are going for nowadays. Deciding to go bolder or lighter is entirely up to you—just make sure you order the right quantity of wallpaper and a couple of extra feet (just in case).

But if you’re going for that added wow factor, specifically in neutral-colored rooms, try imagining how you can mix and match different wallpaper designs and how they’ll clash in a single room.

Follow Your Gut Instinct

But nothing we said matters if you’re uncomfortable with the end result. You can consult any home décor blog, watch every interior design reality TV show, or even attend classes on how to create a beautiful living space, but if your home doesn’t feel like home at the end of the day, you’ve defeated the purpose.

If you feel like something is missing or you’ve gone overboard, follow your gut instinct. Nothing is written in stone, and there will be plenty of time to add or remove final touches.

Not every style works for everybody, so take some time to research what sort of styles people are going for nowadays. Hey, maybe modern looks aren’t your thing, and classics are classic for a reason. It’s unimportant what others have to say about your home—if you’re in love with it, that’s all that matters!

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